Miran Elbakyan

Miran at his studio

General Inquiries

Granville Island Studio

Visit Miran at his renowned Granville Island workshop and studio, in the heart of the iconic Railspur Alley.

BC Blacksmith, Inc. 1399 Railspur Alley, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 4G9

Miran Elbakyan

Instant Messaging

Miran is available on all popular messaging platforms.

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See Miran's latest updates and upcoming projects live..

Project / Sales Inquiries

About a Specific Piece

Browse the virtual gallery to find a piece you like, view the work in your own space using AR and request more information directly there.

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About a New Project

Need something completley bespoke for your next project? Feel free to contact Miran with the details and requirements of your project for a quote.

About an Existing Project

Miran's clients have full access to Miran for information on maintaining works, information on how to safely move and transport items, and more.

All of Miran's works are unique and hand crafted, in an artistic process. Each piece is unique and most are built to order. To ask about a specific piece from the showcase, please inquire on that product's page.
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